November 10, 2016

Is a third party candidate the solution?

This election was ugly, and the next four years are going to be traumatic. But America will get through them.

Even if Clinton had won, the election would have left scars. Just as Trump is strongly opposed by a portion of the country, she would have been hated by a different portion. True, that portion would not have had a rational reason to be as terrified as many Democrats are now, but that doesn't mean that their views don't count.

Repeating a campaign like this in four years wouldn't do anyone any favors and contribute nothing to healing the divides. But for any campaign that involves a Democrat running against Trump in 2020, this is what would happen.

Trump has said that he's going to erase the achievements of the Obama administration, and half the country already loathes him. I can't see how a Democrat replacing Trump in four years wouldn't be loathed by his supporters in turn. A large part of the country hating their president, no matter their motivation, and each president trying to erase what the one before them has done, cannot be a healthy state of affairs.

But what if someone who is not particularly objectionable to either camp were to run as an independent candidate? They would get the support of Republicans who stood up to Trump, of moderate Democrats, and of course of independent voters. And most importantly, they would break out of the self-reinforcing cycle of partisan hatred that casts its shadow over America.

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