September 16, 2014

Is genomics past its peak?

In his excellent blog, Robert Plenge recently asked how far along the hype cycle we are with regards to applying genomics to drug discovery.

The absolute number of genomics papers published in 2014 is likely to be higher than in any previous year. But when normalising by the total number of biomedical papers listed on Pubmed, a search engine for biomedical publications, it seems like we may be past the Peak of Inflated Expectations. The proportion of papers that contain genomics in their title or abstract has peaked in 2012.

I found the number of publications each year by searching for genomics on Pubmed. The number of papers for 2014 is an extrapolation based on the number of papers to date.


  1. In fact I do not think genomics past its peak, the data of research pub is only one aspect. The development of new technology such as CRISPR Cas9 is another aspect.

  2. There was a peak in the paper issuing in 2012 may be because it was at the basic stage of probing for this sciences where all just began to study and no mature knowing was gained, which will definitely not presents genomics has past its peak. It's application in other fields like drug design will be the peak.