August 3, 2014

How important is health care system quality?

A few weeks ago, I came across an article comparing the health care systems of eleven developed countries. This made me wonder how much health care system quality impacts physical wellbeing, for which I used life expectancy as a proxy. I was expecting a strong correlation between the two, but in fact health care system quality doesn't seem to be that important.

Healthcare system ranking (from best to worst) and life expectancy of eleven Western countries. The correlation (r) is -0.32 (solid line), or 0.06 when excluding the United States as an outlier (dotted line). In either case, the 95% confidence interval of the correlation spans zero, meaning that the data does not support any relationship between the two variables
Health warning: Do not overinterpret such a small dataset. This is me messing around with a few numbers I found on the internet. I am not a health economist.

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  1. Most believe that health care system quality has a close link with life expectancy especially in developing countries. But health care system quality doesn't seem to be that important according to the author.The reason maybe that biotech companies boost the research. of biology