December 7, 2012

Which Seqonomics posts are the most popular?

It has been a year and 50 blog posts since I started Seqonomics. Some of the posts have been popular, others less so.

Here are the four most read posts from Seqonomics from last year:
  1. New sequencing technologies: Who's next? Which companies are developing next-next generation sequencing technologies, apart from Oxford Nanopore? This is also the second most commented on post.
  2. Who are the sequencing superpowers? Proportional to national Research and Development expenditure, which country has the largest sequencing capacity?
  1. How do genomics companies make money? Who are the customers of genomics companies? This is also the most commented on post.
  2. Is the NGS market a duopoly? In sequencing, do companies other than Illumina and Life Technologies actually matter?

By the way, the probably deservedly least popular Seqonomics post is Who's driving innovation?

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