October 19, 2012

What is happening to Seqonomics?

Things are going to change around here.

Until now, this blog has been about the business of genomics. From next week, the scope of Seqonomics will be wider and also include topics associated with personalised medicine other than genomics. Expect posts on electronic health record systems, health IT, pharmacogenomics, and metabolomics. But don't worry if you liked my previous genomics-and-business posts: There'll be plenty more of those as well.

Welcome on board

Why this change? I have come to the conclusion that it is a mistake to consider genomics in isolation without taking into account all the other disruptive changes that are happening in medicine. Working in genomics, it is easy to misjudge how, and how much, genomics impacts medicine compared to other innovations. This is why from now on, Seqonomics will not just be about genomics, but about personalised medicine in general.

The one thing that is not going to change is that I'll keep approaching all topics from a business angle. To reflect this, the tagline of Seqonomics is going to change from The Economics of Genome Sequencing to The Economics of Personalised Medicine.


  1. Change welcomed :)
    It will be good to read more about Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Even topics like ontologies and standards for EHRs for example Health Level 7 will form an interesting read if dealt from entrepreneurial perspective.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! Writing something on EHRs is definitely something on my to do list.