April 19, 2012

Which sources for genomics business information?

If you enjoy this blog, you may also like the sites below. What they all have in common with Seqonomics is that they cover the interface between sequencing and business. You will notice that I have excluded sites that exclusively cover the technical or scientific aspects of genomics.


  • Genomics business news
    • Bio-IT World: My personal favourite. The Bio-IT World website acts as a news aggregator that pulls together some of the most interesting articles on next generation sequencing, big data, and personalised medicine, often from a business point of view.
    • Genome Web is broader in scope than Bio-IT World and also covers arrays, PCR, pharmacogenomics, proteomics, and gene silencing. They write their own articles, which are often strongly inspired by the press releases of companies in the field. The website is updated at least once a day. A subscription is required for most articles.
  • Blogs
    • Genomics Law Report: This excellent blog, as you may expect from its name, covers the legal questions that come with genomics in a thoughtful manner. New posts appear around twice a week on average. The majority of posts are relevant to the United States only.
    • Omics! Omics! and CoreGenomics: Although these fantastic blogs mostly covers the scientific aspects of sequencing, their authors sometimes also writes about business matters.
    • Biotech Marketer covers the marketing strategies of sequencing companies. I am not sure if this blog is still active, as there is no new post since December 2011.
  • Sites that cover biotech in general

I am sure that there are sites that are missing from this list. Especially the blog section is bound to be incomplete. If you know about a site that is relevant and that I have forgotten, please post your link below. I will update this list in a few weeks and include all relevant sites that have been brought to my attention.

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  1. Hey, the BiotechMarketer blog is still alive. It's just, ah, 'resting'. Yeah, that's it - resting! I hope to start posting again soon. The other sites you listed (along with your own blog) are fantastic resources.