February 24, 2012

Oxford Nanopore: A new meaning for Hole Genome Sequencing?

Two weeks ago I asked what Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) was up to, and one week ago that they introduced their two new sequencing devices at the AGBT conference. This week, I review the press reactions in the seven days since ONT's announcement.

Share price development of leading sequencing companies on Friday, February 17th, when Oxford Nanopore introduced their new sequencers. Complete Genomics, Illumina, Pacific Biosciences, Life Technologies. For comparison, Nasdaq and Dow Jones.

ONT's $500-$900 tiny minION sequencer made it into several mainstream news outlets, especially in the UK, where the company is based. Coverage of ONT's announcement appeared in the Financial Times, the Guardian, and Nature. In the US, the ONT announcement made it into the New York Times.

The best technical summaries come from blogs, including Pathogens: Genes and Genomes, Core Genomics, and Omics! Omics!.

ONT is the first company to market nanopore sequencing, but it is unlikely to stay the only one for very long. Bio-IT World published information on rival nanopore sequencing company Genia Technologies, which plans to launch its device in 2013. Two other companies that are working on similar devices are Noblegen and Nabsys, promising a healthy dose of competition.

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